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List of candidates - Hyndburn Council elections

THE list of candidates campaigning for your vote in this year's Hyndburn Council elections ...

ALTHAM: Jennet Liddle (Con), David Myles (Lab).
BARNFIELD: Ian Dixon (Green), Anthony Dobson (Con), Gerald Newton (Lab).
BAXENDEN: John Griffiths (Con), Leslie Jones (LD), Ian Mason (Lab).
CENTRAL: Sardar Ali (Lab), Allah Dad (Con).
CHURCH: Jean Battle (Lab), Matthew Hartley (Ind), Stan Horne (Con).
NETHERTON: Susan Shorrock (Lab), Lynn Wilson (Con).
OVERTON: Dennis Baron (Lab), Peter Clarke (Con).
PEEL: Graham Jones (Lab), Derek Scholes (Con).
RISHTON: David Forshaw (Lab), Ann Scaife (Con).
SPRING HILL: Edith Dunston (Lab), Javed Iqbal (LD), Abdul Qayyum (Con).
ST ANDREW'S: Bill Greene (LD), Colette McCormack (Lab), Brian Walmsley (Con).
ST OSWALD'S: Marlene Haworth (Con), John McCormack (Lab).


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