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Observer Golf third round draw

The draw for the final 32 left in the Observer Golf Shield.

The draw for the final 32 left in the Observer Golf Shield:

I Garraway (Gt Har) v J Ashworth (Ac)

T Walsh (Bax) v DS Nutter (Acc)

H Higginson (Ac) v C Parkinson (Rish)

I Henderson (Acc) v B Tomlinson (Rishton)

A Belfield (Gt Harwd) v R Riding (Acc)

S Wallbank (Gt Har) v W Ollett (Acc)

J Whittaker (Acc) v A Duxbury (Acc)

RJ Foster (Acc) v A Everett (Grn Hw)

I Nuttall (Acc) v J Higgins (Bax)

G Guest (Acc) v C Catlow (Acc)

M Higgins (Gt Har) v P Swann (Grn Hw)

D Liles (Whalley) v N Brotherton (Acc)

G Byrne (Gt Harwd) v A Byrom (Acc)

M Fouldes (Whall) v J Simpson (Ross)

S Bramwell (Gt Harw) v G Jones (Bax)

J Wyer (Grn Haw) v GJ Bowker (Acc)

l All cards to be sent to the Observer office by Monday 5 July, first post. Quarter-final draw will take place at Rishton on that night.

Second Round Results:

Paul Swan (Gn Haw) bt Stuart Miller (Gt Har) 6&5

Jo Higgins (Bax) bt P Rothwell (Ross) 3&2

IA Nuttall (Acc) bt C Nuttall (Acc) 3&2

T Belfield (Gt Harwd) beat C Brannon (Bax) 2&1

J Wyer (Grn Hw) bt G Brotherton (Acc) 4&3

M Higgins (Gt Har) bt A Guest (Acc) 2up

M Foulds (Whalley) bt B Twinney (Grt Harw) 1up

C Catlow (Acc) bt A Miller (Ros) on 19th hole

D Liles (Whalley) bt J Hindle (Acc) 4&2

A Everett (Grn Haworth) beat D Brotherton (Acc) 1up

I Henderson (Acc) bt J Hope (Acc) 1up

J Ashworth (Acc) bt D Whitcombe (Ross) 7 up after 9 - conceded

T Walsh (Bax) bt J Sudworth (Ross) 4&2

Pete Riding (Acc) bt Ian Harling (Gt Harw) 2&1

I Garraway (Gt Harwd) bt P Cross (Bax) 4&3

C Parkinson (Rish) bt S Taylor (Acc) 4&3

G Byrne (Gt Harwd) bt M Redfern (Acc) 3&2

H Higginson (Acc) bt M Sharp (Acc) won 20th hole

SR Wallbank (Gt Harw) bt D Hughes (Rishton) walkover

A Duxbury (Acc) bt P Dudgeon (Risht) 3&2

N Brotherton (Acc) bt A Thompson (Grt Harw) 1up

S Bramwell (Gt Harw) bt J Dawson (Ross) 3&2

Ged Guest (Acc) bt G Hillburn (Green Haw) 8&7

J Whittaker (Acc) bt G Davies (Bax) 3& 2

GJ Bowker (Acc) bt G Clarke (Acc) 3&2

G Jones (Bax) bt R McWade (Acc) 4&3

DS Nutter (Acc) bt A Gilbert (Acc) 5&3

R Foster (Acc) bt S Nolan (Bax) last hole

W Ollett (Acc) bt T McLaughlin (Acc) 5&4

J Simpson (Ros) bt P Parkinson (Bax) 3&1

A Byrom (Acc) bt P Todd (Acc)

B Tomlinson (Rishton) bt D Hodge (Rishton) 8 & 7


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