A CHARITY pram push, which has been running in Great Harwood for the last 10 years, will not be held again after Sunday’s event was wrecked by drunks.

Every year people dress up to push prams around the town’s pubs to raise money for the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service Benevolent Fund.

But organisers have decided to call it a day after an evening of alcohol-fuelled trouble in the centre, which left them and the police bitterly disappointed.

Jim Oldcorn, of Ridgway, Great Harwood, who witnessed the mayhem, said: "There were around 150 to 200 young people of both sexes, the vast majority clearly the worse for drink, ankle-deep in discarded beer cans, bottles and takeaway food packaging.

"They seemed intent upon preventing the free flow of traffic and opposing factions were hurling verbal abuse and threatening gestures to each other across the street."

Several people were arrested after police received calls about rowdyness, assaults, criminal damage and public order offences.

Three ambulances were despatched after receiving 12 calls and police also issued five "direction to leave" notices.

These can be issued to anyone aged 16 or over if police believe their behaviour will contribute to alcohol-related crime or disorder and they last for up to 48 hours.

Sargeant Stuart Banks said: "It’s a shame because it’s not the event that has caused the problems, it is the actions of a few who have ruined it for everyone else.

"I am extremely disappointed at the behaviour of a number of people who ruined what should have been a family fund-raising event after drinking excessively and causing trouble.

"I have spoken with the organisers who have decided they will not be holding the event again due to concerns for public safety, which is a great shame after nine successful years."

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