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Meet the gang!

SKIPPER Peter Cavanagh introduces his team-mates - although they might wish he hadn't!

STANLEY 2003-4
STANLEY 2003-4

SKIPPER Peter Cavanagh introduces his team-mates - although they might wish he hadn't! ...

JOHN COLEMAN : "Coley" - Passionate about Stanley, a fiery temper. Favourite saying "Four grand CASH."

JIMMY BELL: Coley's right hand man: Responsible for lads fitness and fastest ever bleep test.

STEVE HALFORD: "The Dog" - never gives centre forward a sniff . Worst pair of black silk underpants with love hearts on. And he has socks to match!

GORDON ARMstrong: "Stretch" - the grandad of the team. Quiet. Haven't worked him out yet.

STEVE FLITCROFT: "Flitty" or "The Model"- Always looks like he has got off a catwalk. Immaculate dresser.

PAUL COOK: "Cookie the bookie"- Typical Scouser, lively, full of enthusiasm. Likes a laugh, a joke and a bet.

JAMIE SPEARE: "Jamo" - The only goalie ever to shout "keeper" and "away" in the same sentence.

JONATHAN SMITH: "The Body" - he is very well chiselled. Puts vaseline on his hair for some reason!

PAUL HOWARTH: "Towser" - got the weirdest tattoo ever of Rolling Stones lips with a tongue out at the top of his thigh.

ROBBIE WILLIAMS: "Rocky"- He's the good looking one of the team, apparently.

STEVE HOLLIS: "Holly" - he has just become a father. Sensible. Since Mark Brennan left has the hairiest chest at the club.

ANDY PROCTOR: "Prince Harry" (for obvious reasons) - does whatever his dad tells him.

ANDY GOUCK: "The Owl" - because he only plays well at nights, apparently.

BRIAN WELCH: "Welchy" or "The Camel". Drinks an unbelievable amount of water before a game.

ANDREW WAINE: "Wainey" or "Road Runner". Think he is a Kenyan in disguise as he is the fittest man at the club.

LUTEL JAMES: "Lutel" or "Lutes" - Has a strange tattoo and gold teeth.

PAUL MULLIN: "Mullers" or "BPM (Big Paul Mullin)" - Nicest man in the team.

DARREN CONNELL: "Bandit" - Cheated Jimmy and John at golf. Told them he was rubbish when in fact he was brilliant.

DEAN CALCUTT: "Psycho", "Deano" - team joker. If ever there is any trouble, his name is always mentioned.

RORY PRENDERGAST: "Rory" - Best crosser at the club but always looks like he has left his house with the gas on.

MICHAEL KNOWLES: "Nosher" or "Sickboy". Rumours are he had SARS disease as he was absent so long.

JOHN DURNIN: Still getting to know him but he is definitely the worst dresser at the club.

And PETER CAVANAGH: "Captain Sensible." Quiet lad, doesn't speak a lot, causes no trouble. Whitest man in football.


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